History of Chiropractic

Daniel David Palmer founded the profession of chiropractic a little over 100 years ago. Chiropractic Prior to that, spinal adjustments had been an accepted method of treating many back problems throughout history. Hypocrites, the father of medicine, used manipulation over 2000 years ago. Traditional Chinese medicine has been utilizing manipulation for many thousands of years prior to that. Even so, the effectiveness of spinal adjustments (or manipulations) continues to be researched. There is now compelling scientific evidence that chiropractic manipulation is effective in the management of both acute and chronic low back pain. An expert panel convened by the respected Rand Corporation and dominated by leading medical experts, consisting of doctors of medicine, family practice, neurology, internal medicine, osteopathy and orthopedics as well as chiropractors concluded that spinal manipulation is appropriate for most common forms of low back pain, particularly acute pain. Trials published in the British medical journals show that manipulation is highly effective and cost effective in the management of chronic and severe low back pain. Clinical trials published in the New England Journal of Medicine report that medical approaches such as bed rest beyond two days, TENS therapy and corticosteroids injections are ineffective in the treatment of lower back pain. A Canadian study on two major research trials in Europe has shown the immediate and long-term effects of spinal manipulation to be superior to other traditional methods of back pain. There can no longer be any argument that skilled manipulation has its place in the treatment of lower back pain. Chiropractic physicians are the experts in bio mechanics and joint manipulation. Performed by highly trained chiropractic physicians, manipulations are safe, gentle and effective. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call Ludlow Chiropractic at (413) 583-8326.